Foodmax TFD Spray


Foodmax TFD Spray

Waxy film PTFE reinforced lubricant

Foodmax TFD Spray is a clean, non-toxic and non-staining semi-dry PTFE based lubricant providing excellent low friction properties and reduces static. The water repellent film lubricates at low speeds and medium loads. Foodmax TFD is designed for repetitive movement applications in environments where a non-sticky lubricant is required. After spraying, it will form a solid, durable lubricating film yet not attract dust and other fine particles that settle on surfaces. Moving parts in dusty environments therefore last longer, work harder and need less maintenance when coated with Foodmax TFD at a temperature range of -20 to 120 °C.

Foodmax TFD Spray is suitable for use in food, chemical, printing and other industries requiring a clean lubricant.

NSF H-1 approved.


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