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Made from 100% Synthetic Nitrile Latex eliminating latex allergy concern. Passed cleanliness test (LPC) max 1,200 counts/cm.2 (particle size 0.5 micron). It comes with excellent fit, comfort, sensitivity and durability. Strictly manufactured under clean and safe environment with low particles and extractable counts cleanroom glove to protect products or process from contamination.

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Made from 100% pure natural latex without plasticizer. It is non phthalate, silicone oil and amide.   Latex Disposable Glove is designed to protect wearer against unwanted and dangerous substances. It's elastic and soft latex film provides superior dexterity with good fit & tactile sensitivity.

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  • Made from 100% continuous-filament, normal double-knit and no-run double-knit polyester
  • Low particle generation/ Excellent chemical-resisting property, anti-static and non-ionic
  • Lowest particle generation and lint-free due to optimum sealed-edges through Laser or Ultrasonic cut
  • High soft-feel, excellent cleaning function, abrasion resistance

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We create solutions that deliver benefits beyond equipment performance through operational efficiencies.


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